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Joachim Kossmann,
freelancing journalist,
book - editor, photograph, musician

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

welcome to my very new website www.visitruhr.com.

I want to introduce you our region between the rivers Maas and Lippe and the Ruhr - district.

I ´ve taken photos during a time of a lot of years by numerous trips and it would be a pity, if the couldn´t be seen. I can offer you pictures about 35 towns at Rhine and Ruhr, but an expansion of this website ist already planned. There are missing at all photos about the western side of the Rhine, about the Enne - Ruhr rural district and the rural district Mettmann. Please be patient if you miss pictures of your special town, but I ´m very choice of only using my own materials.

Please help to make up this website. I ´ll be thankful for your applause, critics and inspirations.

Ti is not my aim to be a competitor to the already existings websites about our region. But it wouldn´t be possible to deal with all details by dealing with this very complexive theme. Everybody who wants to get further information should use the list of links to strange websites in future.

Because I don´t want to introduce our region in a visuabel way but also acoustically, I ´m planning the publishing of a number of songs about the Ruhr - district written and sung by myself. The very first songs dealing the history and the present time of the Ruhr - district are now available. Please sent me an e mail , if you want to hear some test - records!


Copyright 2004 by Joachim Kossmann, free lancing journalist and musician,
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