A trip by Wuppertal´s suspended railroad

Please get on board!
But please forget before the driving - comfort of your full size limousine. The Wuppertalß s suspended railroad will shake you thoroughly and besides them the train will swing you like a boat.
But don´t care only one important accident during 100 years makes the trip by the origineal vehicle sure.

Get on board, the doors ´ll close by itselves!

Photo. Final station Wuppertal Barmen Bf.


The stations of the suspended railroad differ themselves in a very strong way. During for Example the station "Alter Markt" (old market) (Photo at the right site) has been fitted in a very modern way some of the elder stations have still got stairs and floors made of wood.


And now the suspended railroad lis leaving the Wupper and goes over streets up to the other final station Wuppertal Vohwinkel.

Here the suspended railroad is crossing the autobahn.


So, there are still only a few hundred of meters and than we ´ll have reach the final station Wuppertal Vohwinkel.

Our trip took about alf an hour. The municiple utility of Wuppertals (the owner of the suspended railroad) doesn´t publish the times of departure during the rush hour, because the train are driving so often.

If you have got some time, return to Barmen and have a look at Wuppertal´s northern side.
Wenn Sie Zeit haben, fahren Sie die Strecke