Bochum hast got about 300.000 inhabitants and is already more than 700 years old. The town is placed in the middle of Essen and Dortmund at the old Hellweg. In former times you could reach Essen or Dortmund from Bochum with a horse coach in one day.
You will be more fast by using the Opel Kadett from the in the year of 1963 new founded Opel factory in Bochum, even if the autobahn is filled up. The German Opel factory belongs to the General Motor Corporation.
The photo shows an Opel Kadett wgich was build in 1971.
Theend of the coal miming era caused enormous challanges for Bochum to secure the economical surviving. A lot of former coal miners found a new work at the Opel factory.
Also the in the year of 1965 new founded Ruhr university of Bochum became very important for Bochum and the neighbourtowns. Now the kids of working class families musn´t still longer leave their families in order to study at an university.
But Bochum offers also a lot of things at the cultural sector: The Jahrhunderhalle (hall of the century), the Star - Lite - Misical, museums and an urban nightlife.
...and if you want to describe your friends, where they can find Bochum, you will tell them that Bochum is a neighbourtown of Wanne - Eickel.

Please don´t forget to visit the nice reservoir Kemnade and castle Kemnade in the south of Bochum, the railroad museum Bochum Dahlhausen, the old coal pit Hannover with its big steam engine, the coal miner´s settlement Bochum Hordel, the famous Jahrhunderthalle (hall of the century), the Ruhr university Bochum, visit Bochum at night and take the new subway from Bochum to Herne.

The entertainment section in the city
The town hall
The counrtry court of Bochum

The cow - shepherd, a symbol of Bochum

A socher stadion and the Bismrck - tower in the park of Bochum
The Bergmannsgheil, a hospital










Planetarium Bochum




Space station Ruhr
People of Bochum are also interested in space - travel.
You can find in the southern section Bochum Sundern the famous "Kap Kaminski".

The beautiful suth of Bochum
Bochum Dahlhausen in the south

A view from castle Blankenstein in Hattingen to the Ruhr an the beautiful south of Bochum. say god bye to Bochum we should make a little walk through the Zilllertal in Bochum north.

It´s really the kind of Bochum of the original Austrian Zillertal.


...please don´t forget to visit:

The reservoir Kemnade and Kemnade castle
The railroad museum Bochum Dahlhausen
The old coal mine Hannover
The coal miner´s settlement Bochum Hordel
The famous Jahrhunderthalle (hall of the century)

The Ruhr university Bochum
The new subway Bochum to Herne

Bochum at night