Castrop - Rauxel

The old coal mining town Castrop - Rauxel is located in the middle of the Ruhr - district at the river Emscher. The town was created in the 1920s and belongs to the rural district Recklinghausen.

Castrop - Rauxel is a town with a little bit charme of a small town with agricutural sorroundings. The town has got a good standard of living. But let´s take a look upüon the town.

But don´t forget to vistit the ship lifting device Henrichenburg at the town - boarder of Castrop - Rauxel and the manor - houses Bladenhorst and Goldschmieding.

Der alte Zechenturm von Zeche Erin dominiert auch heute noch die Skyline von Castrop - Rauxel.
(Erin ist die keltische Bezeichnung für Irland, ausländisches Know How und Kapitel half, den Ruhrkohlebergbau aufzubauen)
Die Stadt Castrop - Rauxel gibt sich als modern und aufgeschlossen.
Verschrieben hat man sich mit dem Europa - Gedanken.








The new shopping center of Castrop - Rauxel.




The most beautiful old houses of Castrop - Rauxel became victims of the reconstruction plan after the second world war.

A power station in Castrop - Rauxel Habinghorst






The Rhine - Herne canal isn´t only useful for the inland navigation but also for the need of recovery of people.







And now our little visit to Castrop - Rauxel has already been finished.


...but don´t forget to visit:

The ship lifting device Henrichenburg
Manor houses Bladenhorst and Goldschmieding