Coal mine Hannover, Bochum

The coal mine Hannover in Bochum - Hordel belongs to the eldest great coal pits of the Ruhr - district.
The coal mine was closed in 1973.

The buildings have been restaurated in a very careful way during the last years. Now you can visit an very intersting museum of industry.

This museum is managed by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe in Muenster,




The miight Malakow - tower of the coal pit remembers on old castles.

A Malakow - tower is a winding - tower surrounded by stone walls.





This old photo from 1975 shows the old industrial buildings which do not exist today any more.

This are photos from the late 70s:
The building didn´t make a friendly impression.





In the Malakow - tower you can admire the well prepared Steam - engine from 1903.










Coals miners entered here the delivery basket in former times.



Here we can make a view in the tower up to the pulley.









The mighty pulley - the big wheel of the winding - tower at the top of the Malakow - tower.






The smaller building is also worth to be seen.







Your visit will be worth!