We are on our way to Datteln.

Datteln is a town of the inland navigaton, because here are meeting four canals. The Datteln - Hamm canal, the Rhine - Herne canal, the Dortmund - Ems canal and the Datteln - Wesel canal.

Datteln has got about 36.000 inhabitants and belongs to the rural district Recklinghausen. The surroundings are very beautiful.

Nearby you can find the ship - lifting device Henrichenburg.


The imposant Horneburg castle you can find in the south of Datteln.





A farm in the agricultural surroundings of Datteln.


We are going to come the city of Datteln.






The hospital for kids in Datteln.


The old anchor of a ship at the local museum of Datteln.

...a symbol for the economical power of the town.

...but don´t forget to vist the ship - lifting device Henrichenburg nearby Datteln!