It grows dark at Dortmund main railroad station.
Dortmund is the most eastern metropole of the Ruhr - district. The big town with about 585.000 inhabitants is well known because of its old coal mining and of course of its very new university. ...and Dortmund ist the second largest beer producing town of the world.
Besides them we can find the Westfalenpark (Park of westphalia) and it´s self evident a popular soccer - club.
Contrary to the modern city of Dortmund the suburbs of Dortmund make a more rural impression.
Further pictures about Dortmund will follow in summer 2004.

Please visit also the famous idustrial museum at coal pit Zollern in Dortmund Boevinghausen, the canal - port of Dortmund, the Hohensyburg ruined castle and the Kaiser Wilhelm monument in the south of Dortmund, the new university of Dortmund and make a little trip with the Emschertalbahn (Emscher - valley - railrod).

Coker oven Hansa in Dortmund Huckarde
Dortmund is the second largest town of beer browery of the world
In the Westphalia park of Dortmund: Left the tv tower "Florian", and at the right side a "beer - fountain"
A view to Dortmund from the tv - tower

The famous hall of Westphalia of Dortmund


The eagle - tower


At the city park in Dortmund - Luetgendortmund
("Luetge" = small)

...please don´t forget to visit: The famous industrial museum at coal pit Zollern in Dortmund Boevinghausen
The canal port of Dortmund
The Hohensyburg ruined castle and Kaiser Wilhelm monument in Dortmund

The university of Dortmund
...and make a little trip with the Emschertalbahn (Emscher valley railroad)