Welcome to Duesseldorf, the capital of Northrhine - Westphalia.
Duesseldorf with its character of a metropole is the contradiction to the Ruhr - district at all. People work in the Ruhr - district and in Duesseldorf they spent money.
D uesseldorf has got an international airport, a lot of administration and service institutions, worldwide known exhibitions, and a lot of international trusts are working here. Here are consulates and a lot of Japans are living in Duesseldorf.
The economical structure of the town with ca. 569.000 inhabitants is rather good, and peolpe are feeling well in Duesseldorf not only at the carnival time.
Please visit also the section Duesseldorf Benrath and the manor house Benrath, the "Versailles of the Rhine".
Further photos about Duesseldorf will follow in summer 2004!

At the famous Koenigsallee (king´s boulevard)
At the main rairoad station





Duesseldorf´s Koenigsallee (King´s avenue) at the evenig time

The Landtag (parliament) of Northrhine - Westphalia
The towers of an old Rhine - bridge
...please don´t forget to visit: Duesseldorf Benrath and Benrath manor house