Essen is with its 645.000 inhabitants the biggest town of the Ruhr - district and is been situated in the middle between Duisburg and Dortmund. The coal mining was an important part of the economical structure in Essen too. Essen is the Town of Alfred Krupp, an institution of Essen. But also a lot of other trusts have got their administration centers in Essen. Further we can find a smaller university in Essen.
During the north of Essen has got a bad economical structure the south is more rich.
Please visit in each case also the lake Baldeney and the Ruhr at Essen, the famous Margarethenhohe of Essen, the very impressive coal pit Zollverein, the beautiful Huegel villa, a monument of the early capitalism.
You can find beautiful sections in Essen Werden and Kettwig and a ruined castle in Essen Burgaltendorf. In the north of Essen you can visit the Borbeck manor house. You can recreate yourself in the famous GRUGA park and perhaps you can see the Essen´s weeks of lightnings. On other times have a look at Essen at night.

Essen has got the highest town hall in Germany
Oled synagogue

Aalto theater

The underground bus at the Porsche - place in Essen.

The city of Essen started first to build subways in the Ruhr - district.

The track bus of Essen is also very seldom.

Administration center of Ruhr gas in Essen Huttrop





Section Essen Steele





Essen Altenessen




Day of the open door at Essem main railroad station.
The old steam locomotives are very attractive still today. You could find them in the normal day´s affairs till the early 1970ths.

...please don´t forget to visit:

The lake Baldeney and the Ruhr at Essen
The famous settlement Essen Margarethenhoehe
The coal pit Zollverein
The Huegel villa
Essen Kettwig and Werden
The ruined castle Essen Burgaltendorf
The manor house Essen Borbeck
The GRUGA park
The Essen´s weeks of lightning
...and Essen at night