Gelsenkirchen is the most western town of Westphalia and is been situated in the middle of the Ruhr - district. The town is well known because of the coal- and steal industry but also by soccer. When Schale 04 is playing the city seems to be occupied...

<<<What´s this? I don´t know it myself what´s the meaning of this work of art at the former Rhine - Elbe coal pit - terrain. But let´s see what kind of suprising things will also be offered by Gelsenkirchen.
Please visit on each case the manor house Berge, the coal mine Consolidation and the settlement Gelsenkirchen Buer south.

Further pictures of Gelsenkirchen will be published in summer 2004.

Old post office
Grillo school
Hotel Maritim
Hans Sachs house
Music - theater
At the Rhine Herne canal




The construction of Gelsenkirchen´s subway at the station "zoological garden".


The famous Arena Auf Schalke





In the north of the Arena Auf Schalke we ´ll find Gelsenkirchen Buer.

...please don´t forget to visit: Manor house Berge
Coal miner´s settlement Gelsenkirchen Buer south
The coal pit Consolidation