Hagen is with its 214.000 inhabitants an impressive town at the perophery of the Sauerland.
The town became nationwide known because of the only distant university of the Federal Republic.

Please don´t forget to visit the open air museum of Wetphalia for manufacturing and tichnis, Hagen and the section Hagen Hohenlimburg and Hohenlimburg manor house.

Further pictures about Hagen will follow in summer 2004.


This power station at the Ruhr in the near of Hagen is trying to stay up electric energy.
In times when too much electricity is being produced, water from the lake Harkort will b
e pumped to the upper reservoir. If one needs more electricity at once, the water will left off and will drives dynamos.

...please don´t forget to visit:

The open air museum of manufacturing and technics in Hagen
Hagen Hohenlimburg and Hohenlimburg manor house