We are going to Hattingen. The town with 61.000 inhabitants is more than 1.000 yeras old and belongs to the Ennepe - Ruhr - rural - district.

Worth to seen are the historical old city, the Blankenstein castle and the Isenburg castle.




The city hall of Hattingen proves the welfare of its inhabitants.



The agriculture is still important. New service firms shal surrogate the old heavy industry.




The Henrichshuette (Thyssen joint - stock company) of Hattingen was closed in 1984. A very magnificant industrial - museum was opened. A lot of cultural entertainments are taking place today.






Coal mining took its beginning in the south of the Ruhr - district. At the first time coals were mined in such small drift mines by strip - mining. The coals were shipped on the Ruhr in small boats.hauled by horses.



The Ruhr is a river of industry, but it is also a river of nature.
The old lock of Hattingen.

...but Hattingen offers a lot of more:

The historical old city of Hattingen
The Blankenstein castle

The Isenburg castle