We are locking from the city hall tower to the market place of Herne.
The historical name "Haranni" is still well known.Herne developt itself from al little village to a big city by the industrial boom. Also the railroad station of Herne was important, which served also the neighbour towns Recklinghausen and Bochum in former times.
Today Herne has got about 90.000 inhabitants:
Please visit also the manor house Struenkede, than you can make a little walk through the district park Gysenberg or at the Rhine - Herne - Canal. If you are interested in architecture, have a look at the beautiful old facades in the city of Herne and visit the settlement Teutoburgia.





The last coal pit "friedrich der Grosse" ofHerne was closed in 1976.
The town engages itself for the industrial change in structure.

Also old pulleys of the winding towers remember at the time of coal mining.
A view from the Hoppenbruch hill on the new STEAG power station.
The new STEAG power station
The futuristic Academie Mont Cenis was founded on the ground of the old coal pit Mont Cenis.
(The Mont Cenis was a battle - ground during the First World War).
The district court of Herne
The town hall

The center of culture

At the railroad station
An old bunker, before and after its renovation
This steam storage locomotive - a steam locomotive without fire - is used in Herne every day.
A coal hill with snow
...please don´t forget to visit: The manor house Struenkede
The settlement Teutoburgia
The beautiful old facedes in Herne city
The district park Gysenberg
The Rhine Herne Canal