Muelheim Ruhr

The citizens of Muelheim don´t need holiday trips. The sorroundings of the town are very nice. The valley of the Ruhr doesn´t remember that you are in an industrial region.
But that´s not enough, the economical level of Muelheim is relatively good.
Please visit the Rhine - Ruhr - Center of Muelheim and the former MUEGA - park of the national garden exhibition and Broich castle.
The site about Muelheim will be further completed in summer 2004.







Administration in the Ruhr - district:

The tram - line on the photo has got double tracks, once the standard gauge (1435 mm = 5 feet, like at the railroads) for Duisburg´s tramway corporation, and once the narrow gauce of one meter for Muelheim´s tramway corporation.
The reason: The tramways of the central Ruhr - district are much elder, and the Prussian railroad administration did only allowed narrow track tramways in fear of competition.

The Ruhr next to the town theater
...when the night falls down in Muelheim at the Ruhr:
...please don´t forget to visit: The Muega Park and castle Broich
The Rhine Ruhr Center