The town in the northwest of the Ruhr - district has got about 225.000 inhabitants and got its welfare because of the railroad and of course of the coal mining.
But Oberhausen is also known by the Kurzfilmtage (days of short movies). But Oberhausen is also engaged in other respects for the cultural enrichment of the Ruhr - district.
A visit to the famous coal miner´s settlement Eisenheim, to the Oberhausen manor house is very interesting. The old castle Vondern in the north of the town remembers on the elder history of the country. If you ´ve got a little more time, you can see the "new Ruhr - district" in the Centro Oberhausen.






Zeugen der alten Industrie finden wir im gesamten Stadtgebiet.

The old coal pit Oberhausen
am Zentrum Altenberg, neben dem Hauptbahnhof








Siegessäule auf dem Marktplatz von Oberhausen.

At the rhine Herne canal
...please don´t forget to visit: Coal miner´s settlement Eisenheim
Vondern castle
Manor house Oberhausen
Centro Oberhausen