Reservoir Kemade and Kemnade castle

The old Kemnade castle of the 17th century in the south of the Ruhr borders on the towns Bochum and Hattingen. Also Witten isn´t far away.

Kemnade manor house is used for cultural porposes today.





You can find a litte museum in the neighbourhood of Kemnade castle.




A view from the tower of Blankenstein castle / Hattingen to the new reservoir Kemnade.

The reservoir Kemnade was build at the end of the 1970s.




Long ways invite wanderers, joggers and cyclers.

But of course the reservoir Kemnade is a paradise for aquatic sportsmen.





Photos above: The former coal mine Gibraltar at the northern shore of the reservoir Kemnade.

Photo left: Coal miners used such vehicles for their underground workings.

You can find only very seldom a cold winter in the valley of the Ruhr.





...but we prefer the summer. Also the surroundimngs of the reservoir has to offer a lot of things. You will not believe that you are being in the Ruhr - district.