The wheather


The Ruhr - district belongs to the warmest regions of the Federal Republic of Germany.

On average it´s about 5 ° warmer in the Ruhr - district thand in the Sauerland in the neighbourhood.
If you want to visit us during the summer time wear light summer clothes and for some cooler day a light jacket.


A very seldom play of the nature:
The lake Baldeney in Essen is frozen.
You can find such hard winters only every 20 years in the Ruhr - district. Normal winters offer some snow only at 3 to 5 days per year. The snow normally becomes to be mud very quickly. The snow is normally better about 8 miles southern of the Ruhr.
Wet and cold dusty wheater is normal in the Ruhr .- district. But the nearby Sauerland attracts a lot of snow fans from the Ruhr - district, but also from the nearby Netherlands (Holland) for short vacations.
But such winter so also have advantages: You can save gas for heating, you mustn´t sweep snow for years, and you don´t need winter tyres for your motor - car.
...and you are locking friendly forward to a very nice spring!

The Rhine Herne Canal is frozen every 10 years.