Traffic at Rhine and Ruhr

The Ruhr - district has got a closed system of highways, perhaps you know the German word "autobahn". The roads are often filled up. The eldest tracks were built in the 1930s.
But the narrowness of our region complicates the construction of wide roads. The density of motor - cars (the number of persons who devide a car statistically) is relatively small at all in the Ruhr- district, but the parking places in the towns are barely sufficient.
And so the wheels and the public local traffic are being more advanced for a few years. Today everywhere new whell tracks are build, during they often were abolished in the 1960s and surrogated by parking places for cars. But the situation is stil unsufficient. Wheel riders are endangered in the streets, and if they use foot ways, they ´ll endanger themselves

But also the passengers of the German Federal Railroad have to live with filled up trains. The local traffic trains haven´t got own tracks in the Ruhr - district and have to pay regard to the long - distance - traffic, and so they are often late.
People discuss the sense of the building of subways in the Ruhr - district. A big part of the quite more cheaper tramways had been closed in the last decades and was surrogated by bus - lines. In former times you could go by tram from Unna (in the east), via Dortmund, Essen; Duisburg; Duesseldorf and Cologne up to Bonn Bad Godesberg.

The planned building of magnetic railroads is also discussed in a controversial way. Is the magnetic railroad a senseful transportation or only an object of prestige?
Some people like inniovation in the ruhr - district. The old tramway track was surrogated by an omnibus track. But some bus tracks have been closed in the meanwhile at all...
You could find omnibusses also in the subway tunnel.
A big succes for the development of the public local traffic was the introduction of the Verkehrsverbundes Rhein Ruhr (transportation alliance Rhine Ruhr) at Jan. 1th 1980. Since that day you can use all vehicles in our region with one ticket. But in Berlin there was such an organisation already in the 1920s. Sometimes the Ruhr - ditrict is a little bit slow...
But at the end of the chapter you may enjoy some picture of the old schedule of the Bochum Gelsenkirchen´s tramway corporation of 1965.
Reproduction with friendly allowance of the Bochum Gelsenkirchen´s tramway corporation