Town hall Wuppertal Vohwinkel
(in Wuppertal´s west)

The town Wuppertal doesn´t at all belong to the Ruhr - district but more to the Bergisches Land (mountainous country). You can respect Wuppertal to be a connecting link between the Ruhr - district and the Sauerland (sour land) in the south.
The town in the valley of the river Wupper was founded because of the local modification during the 1920s. Wuppertal uses therefore the modern name of the river Wupper - in opposition to the elder town Wipperfuerth which has still got the old name "Wipper" instead of "Wupper".
Some sections of Wuppertal like Barmen and Elberfeld are well known at all.
Wuppertal surely offers more than the world wide famous suspended railroad. But in each case In want to invite you to make a little trip by this vehicle.
Besides them Wuppertal offers a lot of interesting magnific old industrial archtecture - but my Website about Wuppertal is still under work and will be completed about summer 2004. I beg your pardon and I ask for your patience.

People of this region suffered in the past, like the name of the Sauerland (sour land) in the south indicates. Therefore it is no surprise that the thinking of socialism could rise because of the inhuman situation of living during the early capitalism periode. Friedrich Engels, a co - founder of Marxism, and sponsor of Karl Marx was born in Barmen. Today, after the end of the GDR (German Democratic Republic = East Germany), it is possible to respect Engel´s efforts in an unprejudicated way. We should use this chance, because everybody should learn during the whole of his life.

You cannot flee to see and hear the splended railroad of Wuppertal, which makes the image of the town -
here we see the modern station "Alter Markt" (old market)








Railroad station

Wuppertal - Vohwinkel




The fatherhouse of Friedrich Engels.

You can find the historical center in the neighbour - house where you can visit an exposition about work aud life of Marx and Engels. Further there are things which documentate the social and economical development of the region about 1800.









The fountain of Neptun nearby the pompous town hall of Elberfeld.

...don´t forgert to visit: Let´s make a trip by the suspended railroad of Wuppertal"